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The latest addition, Healing American Healthcare – Lessons from the Pandemic, is co-authored by John Dalton and Ed Eichhorn. It takes readers on a roller coaster ride through the worst global pandemic in more than a century, from New Year’s Eve 2019 through September 21, 2021, when America’s death toll surpassed that of the 1918-19 pandemic. The book portrays the pandemic’s devastating impact through the eyes of the journalists who reported on it.

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Healing American Healthcare makes the case for universal healthcare in the United States. The book sets the stage for presenting its plan by reviewing how our healthcare system compares with other nations.

It goes on to discuss the history of healthcare reform in the United States and the impact of Obamacare on the uninsured in our country. The book discusses the high cost of pharmaceuticals, hospital care, healthcare insurance, and the impact of our very bureaucratic system on doctors and patients. Our plan would reduce costs, improve quality, and create much-needed competition to reduce bureaucracy, and clinical waste.

This plan would result in higher quality care and lower healthcare costs for all Americans. The book presents this topic in a logical and readable way to give readers the information that they should have to make their own informed decisions about what they believe should be the future of healthcare in America. Click here to purchase your copy!